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Designer sauna heaters

The simple and organic design of HUUM sauna heater accentuates the natural beauty of stones and adds elegance to every sauna.

UKU Sauna controller

Controller UKU is easy to use and it can be connected to lighting, ventilation and steamer functions.


With HUUM mobile app you can start heating your sauna even if you are not home yet. All it takes is a couple of clicks on your phone.

Elegant sauna heater in the heart of your sauna

Forget about boxy-looking stoves. HUUM stoves minimalist and round design lets the beauty of the stones show and adds a touch of elegance to your sauna.

Enjoy a mild steam like in a traditional sauna. Thanks to their high stone capacity, HUUM stoves provide a mild and long-lasting steam.

Heat your sauna from your phone. With HUUM app it takes just a couple of clicks on your phone and your sauna will be hot and ready when you get home.

Invest in quality. Each of our stoves is made of stainless steel and receives a lot of special care to look its best and last you a really long time.

Estonian Union of Interior Designers
Award 2014: people’s choice

Product design award Bruno 2014
readers choice

Golden Egg 2014
Visual identity bronze egg

Estonian Design Awards 2014
honorable mention

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Sauna the Estonian way Why sauna? Crafted with care
Sauna the Estonian way

Sweating and beating yourself with twigs – a perfect Saturday night? For old Estonians it definitely was. Long before modern spas brought sauna all over the world, it was an important part of everyday life for Estonian peasants for centuries. Once a week, normally on Saturday, the sauna would be heated up and carefully made birch twig whisks would be soaked in hot water in preparation for a night of cleansing and healing. This tradition runs so deep in the Estonian culture that even nowadays the Saturday sauna nights have not gone anywhere. For both old and young Estonians sauna still means gathering up your family or best friends, sweating your troubles away, jumping into refreshing lake water or rolling in the snow and enjoying a nice cold beer.

Why sauna?

Anyone who has ever been to the sauna knows that feeling of being super clean afterwards, clean in a way you just never feel after a shower. This is a result of boosted blood circulation and intense sweating, which help to remove dead skin cells and clean out pores. Sauna is also well-known to soothe muscle and joint pains, both chronic or caused by intense physical activity. And definitely not least important – sauna is great for relaxation and stress relief. Bathing in the comforting heat and enjoying a quiet time without distractions is a wonderful way to unplug and get re-energized. Have a nice sauna session in the evening and you are very likely to sleep well and wake up feeling refreshed the next morning.

Crafted with care

Our sauna stoves are produced entirely in Estonia, a country with centuries of sauna traditions and accumulated knowledge of sauna building. With the help of Estonia’s leading metal work companies we strive to create sauna stoves that provide excellent steam, are durable and good-looking. To make this happen we have elaborated a complex and articulate production process. Find out more about how our products are made.

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Find a store
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Before installing your sauna stove read the installation manual carefully and consult our support page. You will need the help of a certified electrician for a safe and proper installation.
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